Silk returns

by scotslawstudent

I have been rightly guilted out of my quiet period by a reminder of the wider law blogging community from Law Actually for which I can only apologise and blame the Diploma. I’ve been letting this blog wither a little (even letting the domain lapse as I have finished the formal student part of my legal career and would now like the start the career part – if anyone has a spare traineeship lying around they only have to ask).

And now for some top quality British legal drama.

There’s something about Maxime Peake’s portrayal of women that kind of worries me sometimes. I remember storing up and watching all of the second series of Criminal Justice in a 5 hour marathon session and ended up desperately needing to hug someone by the end of it. I’ve found Silk much more watchable as Martha is a much stronger character, but it still had definite moments of kicking her while she was down.

The second season has just aired on BBC and it looks promising. It involves Martha in her first days as a QC – which sadly seems not to have been an entirely good thing for her, a majorly evil baddie and a clear recurring plot through the rest of the series. I’m looking forward to seeing more. The pupils are gone this season with Natalie Dormer, who played Niamh, turning up as a queen in Game of Thrones.

There was a point where the judge is called His Honour, though, which I don’t think is right.

H/T: iPlayer