Support BAILII

by scotslawstudent

If you’re a law student, lawyer or someone not in those groups who has read a case in the past 10 years, BAILII (British and Irish Legal Information Institute) needs no introduction. If you’re not though, BAILII is the charity law students, practitioners and lots of the general public rely on just about every day for easy online access to court decisions and non Scottish statutes (boo). I realised how much I relied on it today when I was filling in the user survey for them (BAILII needs to seek out sponsors to function but doesn’t record details of its users without consent) and had to answer this question:

The important thing to remember is that BAILII, just like Wikipedia, is a charity and relies on donations to continue to provide its crucial service. It’s certainly the most useful thing I can think of that’s been done to promote open access to court decisions, including recent ones, and well worth a donation.