Frivolous law suit stories

by scotslawstudent, an internet comedy site that does a great line in funny articles that are well referenced and well reasoned, has published an article on the problem of frivolous law suits in the US.

Every so often, there’s a big news story about how America is drowning in an epidemic of frivolous lawsuits, and instead of going on with boring statistics and facts — which nobody wants to read — they tell sensational stories about burglars suing their victims or kids suing schools because they hurt their feelings.
The problem is that most of these stories are anywhere from half-bullshit to complete bullshit. But we want to believe them, because it feels good to believe that tons of people out there are stupider and greedier than we are, and those people are what’s wrong with this country today. Not us. We like outrageous villains that don’t hit anywhere close to home.
People like Stella Liebeck.

I really hate misreporting of court cases, my particular bugbear is human rights cases, because it means that you very often come to an entirely wrong conclusion. It’s not fair to snort at someone because his ladder slipped in manure when it actually broke.