Egypt suspends constitution

by scotslawstudent

There is a lot of attention being paid to Egypt just now, and for very good reason. One of the more startling events recently is that the military have stepped in following the resignation of the, nominally, elected president after 30 years of rule.

In a situation that is probably more the-enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend than anything else Ayman Nour, an opposition leader who was jailed in 2005 after challenging for the presidency said, “It is a victory for the revolution.”

I have watched enough military coups in various countries around to have a reaction of “uh oh” whenever a military regime sets itself up. It is rarely a good thing when generals sweep in, dissolve the parliament and suspend the constitution.

Based on that it is very unusual to see the actions of the military being welcomed and this probably says more about the perception of Mubarak’s reign more than anything else could. They claim that they are only going to hold power temporarily until there are elections in six months or so and I sincerely hope that is true. Only time will tell.