Hands off our ice

by scotslawstudent

s. 14 Scotland Bill 2010-11

You may not know that there is a new Scotland Bill going through the Westminister Parliament just now. This is to partly to tidy up operating issues which the whole having a new Parliament in Scotland have exposed over the past decade and so.

Partly it’s also got elements of the completely crazy too.

Clause 14 is a bizarre provision which the explanatory notes says is supposed to “re-reserve” Antarctica from Alex Salmond’s legislative grasp. By Antarctica I do indeed mean that one that isn’t even in Scotland.

The proposed amendment is headed L7 and Heading L is the Miscellaneous heading of the Legislative Competencies section — weird little things that the Parliament expressly cannot do things about.

H/T: I thought that we were surely done with Heading L at this point (where do you go after outer space?) and I found out about this through Iain Nisbet’s Absolvitor post where he gets a brilliantly belt and braces answer from the Scotland Office (it’s not already in there, so, well…)