Reblog: Some (Non-Mainstream) Thoughts on the Crib Recall (via FreeRangeKids)

by scotslawstudent

I strongly disagree with the idea of legislating to assuage guilt. One example that particularly got me was a ban against cords on blinds (they now have to be break away models). This was due to some highly effective lobbying by the parents of a baby who had died by being strangled by a blind cord in a freak accident.

Fundamentally, if you can call it a freak accident legislation is not necessary to deal with it.

Free Range Kids has posted about the ban on drop-side cribs. Firstly it’s a ridiculous ban, you can’t sell, re-sell or manufacture a drop sided crib in the USA. Secondly it’s because 32 children have died in the past nine years. Each one is a major tragedy for the family involved but lying in bed remains one of the safest things a human being can do.

Some (Non-Mainstream) Thoughts on the Crib Recall Hi Readers — I'm going to be blunt: The ban on the sale, resale and manufacture of all drop-side cribs does not make sense. Here's why: Over the past nine years, 32 children have died in these cribs. That is tragic. My heart sinks thinking about it.  But — and yes, there IS a but, and this "but" does not make me a heartless bean counter, or a crazed Free-Ranger who laughs in the face of danger (I am, at base, a nervous mom) — we are talking ab … Read More

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