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by scotslawstudent

Many a true word spoken in jest

It should not be a massive surprise to many people that there is a difference between the rules that apply to movies and the rules that apply to real life. There is one particular example: the rules governing romantic gestures.

Twilight gets a mauling for things that seem to be deeply romantic in the movie being a bit creepy if you actually did them in real life. For example I’m yet to meet someone who appreciated being watched from the bushes. In fact, my first exposure to the Twilight series was a Guardian article which pointed out the issues in presenting men and women in quite that way – controlling and domineering relationships are laudable as long as you don’t have sex. have gone and spelled out the things that are really good in movies that you should absolutely not do yourself.

Examples include running through airport security to see someone getting on a plane – this can be a lethal error if you’re unlucky and yet it’s one of the most watched episodes of Friends there was. Thanks to E4 it still is.

The big ones are actually hitting people or poisoning people which is a big deal, despite how funny or apposite it is. The more debilitating whatever you’ve done to someone is, the less likely that the police are going to like you doing it.

What is more remarkable is how many states don’t have rape by fraud laws at all (there have been calls to change that for years). The objection seems to be that once you can convict a guy or girl of lying to get sex, there may not exist enough bricks to build that many prisons. But for now, let’s just say that if you’re in a situation where the girl is only consenting because you’re wearing a mask or she’s wearing a blindfold, stop and rethink your life.