I’m in the Blawggies!

by scotslawstudent

I’m really thrilled to be included in the voting for the 2010 Blawggies awards. I’m the Legal Commentary group which is, I think, really extremely tough this year. It’s highly unlikely I’m going to win in that line up (my IP lecturer put IPKat on the reading list, Jack of Kent uses the cases he wins as blogging material and so on) but I’m very happy to be included there. Cheers to Michael at Law Actually for organising the competition.

From Law Actually:

‘Best Legal Commentary’

Charon QC* (NB: CharonQC has a policy on web prizes and has asked to be removed from the vote)
Head of Legal
Jack of Kent
Jonathan Mitchell QC
The IPKat
Law Actually
Legal Costs Blog (by GWS)
Nearly Legal
Pink Tape
Scots Law Student

I’d like to call on the collective forces of mankind to vote for the Scots Law Student, it’s a tough contest and your vote would be greatly appreciated.

H/T: Law Actually