McClaren to pay damages for pram owners

by scotslawstudent

I know McClaren as a luxury car manfacturer but it turns out that they also make other things – like buggies for children.

The problem I have with the claims – that if your child’s hand gets caught in the moving parts it may lose a finger is not that it happened (it did) nor that it is horrible (it totally is), what amazes me is that at least 47 parents responded to their pram being hard to open and their child starting to cry is to force the pram open and amputate their flesh and blood’s finger. That seems horrible to me. Certainly it was wrong to design sharp edges which scissor together when the product is used but I don’t buy Richard Langton’s quote in the Express today – “we are delighted to get the agreement within three months of being instructed to act, and it proves the adult opening the buggy is not in any way at fault.”

I think we should instead look to the old legal proverb handed down through the ages – “if you manage to saw off your own child’s finger it is ok to feel guilty about it.”