The notebook you have with you

by scotslawstudent

I quite like my stationary, my big affectation is fountain pens but I like notebooks too. Unlike Glenn Beck, I’m not a big Moleskine fan for a couple of reasons, the first one is the general advertising and culture (Hemingway didn’t use a notebook that you can buy on that surrounds them and also because I think that if your notebook is too nice you’re not going to use it. I’m currently using own brand ones from Tesco because all you’re looking for is a book of blank paper that you can doodle in.

There’s a photography maxim that says “the best camera is the one you have with you” and this really applies to notebooks too. I have a substantial A4 hardback Moleskine notebook in my desk, it was over a tenner (far too much to spend on blank pages in hindsight) and I’ve earmarked it for serious work – you can’t remove pages from it, it looks very business like and A4 is the right size for holding lots of writing on a page. It’s very rarely out of the house, though, and it spends more time sitting in a bag than being used. Currently it only contains the final notes that I spoke from for a couple of speeches I’ve made recently which look very lonely at the very front of the book. It’s very rarely the best notebook for any job.

The notebook you have with you

Enter the wallet notebook – I keep a WHSmith small memo pad in my wallet (can’t find it online but there’s a photo below). It’s far too small to be any use for doing work in (it’s actually smaller than a pen) but it’s perfect for taking a phone number or address, a to do or just an observation. It’s very rare that I won’t have my wallet on me and therefore keeping things in my wallet makes a lot of sense for me. It works for giving people notes or taking them myself. You wouldn’t write a book in something that size but you wouldn’t leave it at home either.