Unexpectedly obvious Amazon item

by scotslawstudent

Although I should technically be studying my poor, abused eyes off for my upcoming exams I’m clearly not (I’d guess a reader could see that, because I’m typing a blog post, that fact speaks for itself) and instead I’m browsing notebooks on Amazon. Along side the various commercial forms of “blank paper in a book” which is in equal parts confusing as a product (you pay what for blank pages?!) and utterly compelling when you realise how handy they are was a traditional printed book by Dan Price, it’s called “How to make a journal of your life.”

I don’t keep a journal, I should probably admit this in advance, but I think I might know how I would make a journal of my life – I’d get a journal and I’d write about my life in it. I know I got into university and everything but I didn’t even have to try there. I’m being facetious but does this point to a culture that needs HOWTO books about everything?

The book appears to mainly be about why you would write a journal rather than actually how you go about it and that’s a good message. No lesser a being than Socrates said that, “the unreflected life is not worth living” and the journal is a good tool for that.

All this being said – is it £9 (less thanks to Amazon’s sales) worth of good message and tips? I suspect it probably is over a lifetime, really, and no one is forcing anyone to buy against their wi