Ian Tomlinson – G20 passerby death reveals death by internal bleeding

by scotslawstudent

In between screeds of frantic university work I’ve been working on a post most academic on the various civil and criminal liabilities (there’s a whole lot of them) that potentially arise as a result of Ian Tomlinson’s death minutes after he was body slammed by a police officer. Unfortunately, all this work has turned to so much ash when it was revealed that the initial post mortem was highly suspicious and the pathologist in question has actually been warned about his results and it now appears that he died of internal bleeding and not a heart attack, as was initially decided.

This leads to questions of traumatic and non-traumatic haemorrhage and the causal link between these and his death as well. It still appears to be a very persuasive case of manslaughter (culpable homicide to the non-Sassenach) by applying the egg shell rule. It certainly would be if it was anywhere than at the hands of a strongly empowered riot control officer and that’s where the complexity comes from.