New domain

by scotslawstudent

In a sort of donation to, my blog provider, I’ve bought the 15 credits they want for domain hosting, I personally don’t actually need it but has been a good, high quality provider for me and they run a mainly free service so it’s primarily giving something back. There’s slightly cheaper places to get your domain hosting from but they don’t have such a nice blog.  I heartily recommend that other users consider the upgrade features, if you find one that’s got a useful purpose for you then do consider paying for it.  It’s expensive to run a very busy site.

It’s only $15 for a year and it’s quite nice to have the address, at the very least it’s my personal act of cybersquatting if someone else wants to take it from me because I’ve still got the address to fall back to. In the mean time, this will improve my google search results and that will mean that more people see and hopefully read the blog, which a useful benefit to supporting my service providers.

Both addresses will continue to be used equally and all links to one will be completely valid in other.