Joel replies to RIAA’s motion to appeal broadcast

by scotslawstudent

I’ve already talked about Joel’s court case before but there’s been an update from his side regarding the RIAA’s appeal.

“If the RIAA’s campaign is about educating people, how could they possibly oppose this?”

Joel Tenenbaum

The RIAA have lodged an appeal for the video stream which Joel’s legal team requested. Apparently it has been diluted down to a narrowcast which raises the awkward suggestion that, perhaps, I won’t be able to see it after all.

Wikipedia defines a narrowcast as:

“the transmission of data to a specific list of recipients”

I do not honestly think I will be on that particular guest list but I hope it will be a more general form of narrowcast – if there’s a place to give my email to get a link sent to me consider it sent already. I also wonder who will appear on this list, I am currently spending my reading time pouring through my textbooks but it is almost certainly in the extensive list of documents on which will make an interesting afternoon’s reading. At the least I hope the narrowcast recipients are allowed to then broadcast the video to the rest of the interested people who want to watch.

The RIAA’s appeal is interesting – they do not want the video sent to sites which are not favourable to them. However, since it’s hard to have a neutral position if you want to say anything at all in this kind of diametrically opposed situation, I’m not sure that either side will ever be able to agree on neutral ground.

Perhaps this is even the RIAA’s motive behind the grounds of appeal in the first place.

The press release can be found on Joel’s site at the link below: