Study Leave

by scotslawstudent

I’ve started this blog very late in the year but I hope I can get a jump on in it now and through summer.

The natural semester has ended and with it the university year- all tutorials and lectures are wound up and the students have settled into fervent study. There’s nothing like studying the beginnings of law – there’s no discussions of morality or reason or right coming up in my Contract exam, but there will be a lot of principles and authorities to learn on a very broad and very mature area of the law to apply to scenarios.

As a Scot I’m proud of the Roman roots of my legal system but sometimes when you’re studying you have to wish the legal foundation didn’t go quite as far back.

Applying law to scenarios is an interesting exercise and it’s one that I’ve really come to enjoy as the year’s gone on – I’ve found myself looking forward to tutorials where this task was assigned, and not just for the Legally Blonde references you find your mind dropping in. It’s a similar arrangement in mooting, although the performance is a big draw too but the academic exercise of taking principles extracted from wildly disparate cases and books and twisting them into a semblance of an argument is strangely relaxing and very satisfying when it works out. The horror you feel when your take on the scenario does not only differ from the correct version but is also noticeably weaker as an argument will likely never wear off, but is one of the charms of law school.

And very quickly I realised I love it.

Believe it or not.

So roll on the exams, which I don’t love but need to pass regardless, it’s been a wonderful year.